In March and April there is a huge amount of social advertising, in which we are urging us to transfer 1% of our tax to various public benefit institutions. During this period, the bank also launches its promotional activities, which encourage us to take loans granted on the basis of . What are loans really? We will try to answer this question in the following article. We invite you to read!

Banks are extremely active in advertising their special loan and credit offers – they can be seen on a large scale in the press, on the radio or on television. Nowadays, promotional activities are also widely implemented via the Internet. It is during the period when we prepare our tax returns that banks attack us, potential borrowers, that we can get a loan without the need to show certificates, because for this purpose we have to pay a full annual tax return.

It is worth knowing that there is a difference between loan offers to be used to repay our income tax and those that we can get if we show in the bank a tax return stamped by the Tax Office for an annual tax return for last year. 

Where can you get loans?

It should be remembered that credit offers without certificates can only be obtained if the tax declarations specified by the institution are presented, therefore these are offers for selected employee groups.

Loan – what are the limitations?

Loan - what are the limitations?

People who are interested in receiving a loan based on the annual settlement must know that each bank sets the conditions that each potential borrower must meet. For example, -11, -40 and -40a declarations are accepted – in other words, income may be presented in such a way to people who have a contract of employment as well as people in retirement and pension. In this simple way, providers offers a loan of up to PLN 30,000 for a maximum period of 8 years.

Loan providers only accepts -11 declarations – therefore, only those who have been employed under employment contracts can receive such funding. The loan amount may not exceed PLN 15,000, and the repayment period is 7 years.

Can I get a loan quickly?

loan is a great solution for people who want to quickly receive funds for a dream goal. The procedures in this case are extremely simple and should not cause any problems to anyone – just go to the bank with your ID card and show your tax declaration for the previous year.