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You have payday loan options of 12, 18, 24 up to 48, and over 60 months. What are short and medium term payday loans? A short-term payday loan is a credit operation that pays you the installments with monthly and fixed or reimbursed repayments. These deadlines usually last from 10 days to 6 and up to 12 months. If you want to opt in to make a short term payday loan when requesting choose the term of interest of your interest.

A medium term payday loan is a loan that the installments that you will repay are repaid monthly and regularly over a year. They usually have to be borrowed with terms between 12, 36 and 60 months.

A long-term payday loan is a loan where the agreement stipulates that the installments are paid and repaid monthly and on a monthly basis over 60 months. They usually have to be funded with terms between 48, 60, 96, 240 and 420 months.

Loan options between 12, 18, 24 up to 48 months or more installments

Loan options between 12, 18, 24 up to 48 months or more installments

When it comes to personal credit, some lenders offer much longer periods, over 18 months (although for many types of payday loans, you can review and change the amount of installments you want when making your application). In payroll deductible credit, they tend to be cheaper than uncollected personal credit ie payday loan. This happens because of the guarantee of the discount in payment and the longer duration of the operation.

Many borrowers prefer to stretch the installments for longer periods to reduce the amount of repayments. In restricted loan or negative credit, although it costs a lot more, sometimes it pays off because of the need to get urgent and immediate money. However, they can still be cheaper than the loan with loan sharks that border the 25% per month of interest.

Regardless of the mode of the intended loan, no website, credit company or lending platform can guarantee that the requested amount will be approved and released. For this reason, the tip is always to have in the sleeve several types of lenders and affordable credit alternatives.

What is credit line to make loan?

What is credit line to make loan?

A line of credit is a temporary or permanent credit solution that allows a person to add funds in cash or have the purchasing power for when he wants to use and his lender charges interest for that money.

In some cases, it may be tied to your bank account and you have the option to automatically add a cash value whenever you exceed your overdraft limit to help you avoid charges.

A line of credit for loan is an amount of money available to use for a very short, medium or longer period of time.

Having access to the line of credit basically requires a bank account with good movement, and from this movement the institution will release credit lines in various modalities so that the client has access without needing bureaucracy instantly.

We can call it pre-approved credit, it is a type of loan that when used properly, can be more practical and cheaper than having to go through approval processes in other loan options and financing facilitation means.

What are the secured or guarantor loans?

What are the secured or guarantor loans?

Loans with secured property or secured loan are long term financial operations for those seeking large amounts of money. The loan with Guarantor or Guarantor is not common here in Brazil, but to carry it out is to need a friend or family member willing to take the repayments of the loan if you do not pay within the given term. It’s the famous loan guarantor.

To be a guarantor, your friend or relative needs:

  1. Must have a clean name of Serasa and SPC
  2. Have a good score or credit rating
  3. Having assets or owning a home

Although the guarantor must own property, his property will not be used as collateral. The guarantor in general has his / her credit reviewed (consult with the credit institution) in order to evaluate his ability to pay and the profile of the payer. However, the installments of the loan will be paid by the contractor, you.

Usually, the request to opt for one of the dozens of payday loan options of 12, 18, 24, 48 months and even more than that, is taken to pay for consumer credit, debit card, credit card, either online or by phone.